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Our Process

Intensive Market and Submarket Selection Process

The fund will initially target stable, income generating properties in region which it believes will outperform the broader region and will seek to identify repositioning opportunities in order to maximize returns.

Due Diligence

King Penguin Opportunity Fund requires that the due diligence process extend well beyond fluency with asset-level metrics, competitive issues, and submarket fundamentals. A heavy emphasis is to ensure that all economic risks are quantified and factored into the appropriate transaction structure and valuation.

Diversification Philosophy

We enact a diversified acquisition philosophy with an average deal size of $1 to $25 million with certain opportunities exceeding $25 million in size. Assuming this acquisition strategy it will enable the fund to acquire, with a prudent level of financing and co-investor participation, numerous properties among different property types, such as: multi-family, office.

Asset-Based Focus

King Penguin Opportunity believes that optimal risk-adjusted returns can be achieved by focusing its efforts at the asset-level as opposed to the entity level. By investing directly in real estate we can undertake a more invasive asset management approach, exercise heightened control, and pursue exit strategies in a more expeditious manner. Being hands-on is what separates us from the competition, and is one of the most important aspects of our investment philosophy.

Focus on Certain Real Estate Property Types

King Penguin Opportunity Fund will invest in real estate classes which will provide current income and seek capital appreciation.