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About Us

King Penguin Opportunity Fund was formed to engage in the acquisition and management of multifamily and commercial properties. Our vision is to offer an alternative investment option, focused on the multifamily and commercial office sector, that provides income and an element of capital preservation.

It is the opinion of management that the allocation of investment capital into real estate can help stabilize local economies, create jobs, and provide a hedge against the volatility of public markets. We hope that by providing an opportunity to invest in these real estate assets we can encourage qualified investors to join the shift to supporting privately managed real estate investment funds over Wall Street packaged investments.

Wall Street investments are in constant flux, directly impacted by oil production, the economy of our allies, investor confidence, natural disasters around the world, and even comments by the media. By choosing to invest in a focused, private fund, investors can encourage growth with a direct impact on the economy of the target area while diversifying their portfolio.

In our opinion King Penguin Opportunity Fund has achieved superior risk-adjusted returns by investing primarily in multi-family properties. King Penguin is now in the process of applying congruent ownership and sourcing techniques not only in New York, but in other metropolitan areas, and not only in multi-family markets, but also in commercial markets, both of which will meet stringent investment criteria.